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Top 10 Security Assessment Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Today, common challenges to effectively performing risk assessments are similar in nearly all organizations, but the strategies implemented to identify and prevent these challenges is unique to every organization. Sincere, thoughtful and authentic evaluation of risks facing an entire enterprise or a business segment enables appropriate identification of impending threats. Such a process of risk assessment works as an offensive discipline that helps to create a robust risk mitigation framework. Efficient implementation of a risk-adjusted mitigation strategy creates a competitive advantage that brings superior returns.

While organizations everywhere recognize that a robust risk assessment methodology is essential to ensure and sustain prolonged profitable performance, the majority are perilously happy limiting their risk assessment responsibility to ticking check boxes.

Challenges abound, but so do remedies and opportunities. What requires is a well-intentioned change of perception and technological assistance. It’s time that enterprises begin to view risk assessment not as a hurdle but as a complementary discipline that creates and adds value in sustaining business performance in a risk-intensive world. Businesses should follow a practical and easy to understand risk assessment process and accomplish it repeatedly. Ineffective risk assessment resulting in inept risk management strategy has accounted for some, if not all!, of the largest economic losses ever experienced in the corporate history. Frankly, enterprises that suffer are the ones that fail to create a solid business case for risk assessment due to their defensive strategy.

Creating a comfortable risk culture where stakeholders and employees participate in open heart discussion to find and reveal true risks goes a long way in securing an organization against ever-evolving threats. This step can be complemented by conducting informal in-person interviews. Create accountability by ensuring voluntary participation and diligently implement risk findings with a sure knowledge that risk assessment is the mainstay of an effective ERM program.

We present to you, “Top 10 Security Assessment Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Security Assessment Consulting/Service Companies

  • Alpha Defense is a boutique security assessment company that provides customizable, flexible, and practical security assessment solutions to address organization-specific goals. Founded in 2014, Alpha Defense is purely an engineering-focused company that provides detailed reports of vulnerabilities in the client’s application or architecture. Unlike other companies, Alpha Defense brings in the combination of automated tools and prowess of manual testing to targets all rooted issues of security. Constantly pushing industry standards, the company is focused on giving its customers the most comprehensive and value-based services.

  • LRS is a vendor-agnostic value-added reseller (VAR) that offers all the major security solutions available in the market. However, the company differentiates itself in the market with its consultative business strategy and its team that has skilled network and security professionals. The combination of consultative strategy and expertise helps the company cater to the evolving security challenges of its clients. LRS has built a team of practitioners who have vast experience in providing security services and solutions to different companies of all sizes from across industries

  • What makes Topgallant one of the most recommended cybersecurity consultants is its proprietary methodology based on NIST, PCI, and ISO standards. Considering a large portion of the company’s clientele includes healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and state and local government, Topgallant’s methodology offers all-round benefits. Moreover, the hardware-agnostic nature of this methodology makes it easier for Topgallant clients to implement the prescribed measures across their cybersecurity initiatives. In addition to security and risk assessment, Topgallant also specializes in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and security management development

  • AlasConnect


    AlasConnect provides Information Technology support and consulting including technology strategy, managed technology infrastructure, digital transformation solutions, data security offerings and project management services for businesses. As the clients business experiences greater needs for communications, from Internet Access to reliable unified communications, the firm is able to provide uniquely tailored broadband. Unlike many providers, their network is dedicated for business customers and doesn’t suffer from periodic slow downs due to oversubscription

  • Encryption Consulting

    Encryption Consulting

    Encryption Consulting LLC is a Texas (USA) IT cyber-security company that is changing the way organizations think of Encryption across Enterprise. The firm’s specialty is delivering Assessments, Strategies, and Implementations for organizations who either lack the specialized resources or who simply value having a trusted advisor to assist them to upgrade their data security posture. At Encryption Consulting, they have created a custom framework based on NIST 800-57, NIST 800-53 standards, FIPS and industry best practices to accelerate our client’s data protection projects

  • Infradata


    Infradata is an award-winning independent provider of state-of-the-art cybersecurity and cloud networking solutions and managed services. Transforming business with disruptive technologies. Infradata provides networking, security and automation solutions for enterprises, public sector organizations, service providers and network operators. The firm partners with leading vendors to design, implement and manage technology solutions which support today's most pressing business challenges and drive transformation

  • IntellecTechs


    IntellecTechs offers a full range of information technology products and services to businesses nationwide. IntellecTechs specializes in cybersecurity, managed IT, engineering, test and evaluation, training and programmatic support. IntellecTechs offers a wide variety of Apple, Dell, HP, Cisco, Lenovo, ACER, APC, Crucial, Microsoft, and certified Intel® products and solutions for your computer hardware, software and Software as a Service (SAAS) requirements

  • Keyavi Data

    Keyavi Data

    Keyavi breaks new ground by making data itself intelligent and self-aware, so that it can protect itself immediately, no matter where it is or who is attempting access. With Keyavi’s evolutionary data protection technology, the client’s data stays within the bounds of their control in perpetuity. They maintain granular control over who has it, where they have it and for how long. No longer do the files have to exist inside an underground fortress to be protected. Now each file can be locked and unlocked at your command wherever it goes

  • Obsidian Security

    Obsidian Security

    Founded by opinionated cybersecurity veterans and former competitors from Carbon Black and Cylance, Obsidian enables organizations to safely advance their mission in the cloud. Obsidian Security is a Southern California technology company living at the intersection of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and hybrid-cloud environments. The rapid adoption of SaaS and cloud services is driving agility and allowing businesses to focus on their core mission better than ever before. Security teams need to figure out how to protect users and assets in the cloud without slowing down the business

  • Sparity


    Established in 2010 with a goal to become a Global Innovation & Development partner. With nearly a decade of experience, the firm adds compelling value through their agile and collaborative approach across the digital value chain. Sparity provides Digital Transformation and complex technology services to a wide range of enterprises, unicorn startups and social institutions. It also provides high product quality and superior customer service and encourages innovation and embrace creativity